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The mission of Bob Harman International Ministries (BHIM®) is two-fold. First, BHIM® presents the truth claims of the Bible to college students of the twenty-first century.

With God's help, BHIM® is committed to presenting these Biblical truths in such a way that students can clearly see how the Christian faith is the only approach to life that fits reality and answers the searching questions they are asking. To accomplish this mission, BHIM® has developed two six-hour apologetics seminars to prepare Christian college students to share Christ with fellow students. These seminars focus on helping Christian students understand their friends' questions about Christianity and know how to answer those questions with gentleness and respect. BHIM® strongly believes that the best way to reach today's students is by Christian college students sharing Christ with their peers. Students listen to students and greatly influence each other. BHIM® trains Christian college students to share Christ with fellow students by training them to be Christian apologists.

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